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Youth Activity Supports
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Connect with Activities!


Taos' Youth Activities Connection


Looking for Sports / Arts / Dance opportunities in Taos? 

Contact Monica or Miles to access Taos Activities!

Email - or

or USE THE BLUE CONTACT FORM on this page.


We offer presentations for schools k-12 utilizing Botvin lifeskill curriculum.  For more information contact: Monica Trujillo Thomas

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1 on 1 Mentorship

Online or in person


Focuses on highlighting youths personal passions as a means of supporting a healthy life.

  • Offers encouragement during challenging times.

  • Provides personal development tips.

  • Shares knowledge and life experiences.

  • Discusses goal setting and aspirations.

  • Advises on professional development.

  • Identifies and provides resources.

  • Supports the mentee's journey toward progress.

  • Click HERE To learn more and refer a youth!

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