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Taos Youth Activities

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Summer Camps 2024

Offered in Taos, NM

Compiled by interns at True Kids 1 on April 12, 2024.

This DRAFT document provides a brief overview of summer camps for kids of all ages in northern NM. All descriptions have websites and phone numbers for more information.






FIT Mountain Camp (575) 770-2391

OVERVIEW: Summer programs serve 400-500 kids, with most participating from one to four weeks of camp. 

DATES: May 28th- August 7th (Check schedule for specific classes and sessions details)  Monday - Thursday from 9am-4pm 

AGES:1st grade- 8th grade

COSTS & SCHOLARSHIPS: Required minimum payment of $100 deposit per child. Around  $45-$50 per day with no scholarships. Scholarships can be requested during registration. Scholarships are a sliding scale and parents select the amount of support they need when registering. If your child is eligible for free/reduced lunch your child can qualify for 5 weeks free.

LOCATION: Specific locations based on classes you take, but each day begins at the Field Institute of Taos BASE CAMP or at Rio Fernando Park 

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: A few sessions have camping trips or backpacking trips but the rest are day camps. It's different every year so there's something new to learn about each year! 


FIT Neighborhood (575) 770-2391

OVERVIEW: FIT NEIGHBORHOOD Camp is an engaging, active, and fun way for kids ages 6-10 to spend their summer days outside. We offer a supervised, structured environment with daily activities including swimming, group games, arts and crafts, tennis, and projects!

DATES:  June 10,- July 25th, Monday-Thursday from 9am-4pm

AGES: 5-10

COSTS & SCHOLARSHIPS: Weekly Rate (Monday through Thursday from 9am-4pm): $190* for non-members, $170 for current Quail Ridge members. Scholarships can be requested during registration. Scholarships are a sliding scale and parents select the amount of support they need when registering. If your child is eligible for free/reduced lunch your child can qualify for 5 weeks free.

LOCATION: Quail Ridge Taos 


Localogy Vida Camp


OVERVIEW: Vida Camp is an active outdoor day camp for 7-12 year-old children to connect children with summer nature, local farms and rivers. It is open to all students of all abilities.

DATES: Starting June 8th and 9th, Monday-Thursday, from 9am-5pm

AGES: 5-12


LOCATION: Questa Youth & Family Center

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: There is also a work and party weekend for Volunteer parents, alumni and friends of the camp who come ready to help the camp, building, bonding and creating community see more info on website


GirlScout Camp Elliott Barker Camp


OVERVIEW: Camp Elliot Barker Girlscout camp is a FREE day camp  open to girls who will be in 1st through 6th grade in the forest of Angel Fire NM. Registration is open to current Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts alike. Plus free transportation daily between camp and Taos. 

DATES: June 3rd- June 28th, Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

AGES: 1st- 6th Grade


LOCATION: Camp Elliot Barker in Sangre de Cristo Mountains, in Angel Fire. 

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Lunch and snacks will be provided. 


Conservation/ Enviromental

YES Corps


OVERVIEW: The crew members work on various weekly projects over the summer to improve our local environment and community. Typical projects include trail maintenance and clean-up on local trails, landscaping, gardening, weeding, job shadowing, and many others. YESCorps is for middle school aged kids and is all about serving the community and getting engaged in good wholesome activities.

DATES: June 10th- July 19th, Monday-Friday, from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, participants can choose the weeks they wish to attend.

AGES: 12-15


LOCATION: in and around Los Alamos area



Taos Land Trust YCC Summer Employment


OVERVIEW: The Family YMCA hires Trail crews to repair fire-damaged footpaths and to create new sustainable trails.  Jobs are open to New Mexico youth, ages 14-25. This work has been a cooperative program between Los Alamos County's Open Space Division and the USDA Española Ranger District.

DATES: June 10-July 31, Mon-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

AGES: 14-25 years old


LOCATION:  in and around Los Alamos area

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Crew members get paid about $15/hour and Crew Leaders get paid about $17/hour. We hire a crew of 12 (9-10 crew and 2-3 leaders).








TaosAlive DEA Youth Basketball Camp


OVERVIEW: The DEA youth basketball camp is mainly for kids whose family and home life struggle with substances at home. Kids are taught through basketball community, friendship and connection.

DATES: June 23rd-July 23rd from 10am-11:30 am (one hour)

AGES: Kindergarten-5th Grade


LOCATION: Taos Academy Gym 

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  Most of the students are from home lives that may be hard and struggle with substance and alcohol use. The equipment is provided, dress to play basketball.

The camp serves 20-25 students in elementary age.


Soccer in the Park


OVERVIEW: The Taos Youth Soccer League programs combine both soccer instruction and life skills education. Activities help the youth in our community come into a greater awareness of their physical being, self-expression and creative reasoning. 


AGES: 6-12


LOCATION: Taos Eco Park

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Shin guards are required! Many of the area youth come from disadvantaged situations due to a complex variety of social and economic factors. The Taos Youth Soccer League helps to fill the void where there is a lack of access to quality athletic and educational opportunities.

Challenger Soccer Camp

ORGANIZATION CONTACT:  (720) 236-0018 (Lawrie O'Toole) 

OVERVIEW: We use age appropriate practices to help our players ages 2-14, develop at their own pace, learn brand new skills and become an all-round better player...while having an amazing time with our international coaching staff! Camps are designed for all ages and ability levels, from beginner to advanced players. 




Dates and times:

Price/ Early bird price:



2 - 5



Registration week one  


Registration week two

Half Day

5 - 14





  • Week 1 - June 17th - June 21st

  • Week 2 - July 15th - July 19th

AGES: 2-14

COSTS & SCHOLARSHIPS: Prices ranges from $100-$200, 

LOCATION: Fred Baca Park

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: The sessions are separated by week 1 and week 2 sessions, each session is 4 days long. There's room for approximately 52 students








Theater Camp Taos Youth Ensemble

ORGANIZATION CONTACT:  Contact: (575) 377-5515  

OVERVIEW: A theater class for youth looking to perform and participate in a theater production!


  • Session 1: June 10th-21st , Mon-Fri, 9:30am-2:30pm, at Anansi

  • Session 2: July 22nd-Aug 2nd, Mon-Fri, 9:30am-2:30pm at wildflower playhouse

AGES: 7-16

COSTS & SCHOLARSHIPS: $450per student, Taos Education Collective will cover half the cost of a theater camp with scholarship, which means families would pay the other half ($225). Contact for scholarship info.

LOCATION: Anansi charter and Wildflower Playhouse.


These camps are an offshoot of the Taos Youth Ensemble. Our weekly program, in which we work on a full-stage production, typically runs from September through April. 


The Butterflies Magic Spell presented by Taos Children's Theatre/Dance Camp

ORGANIZATION CONTACT:  (575) 788-0027 Karen Thibaudault

OVERVIEW: Taos Children’s Theatre is a six week theatre/dance immersion in the theatrical process.  Participating artists teach exceptional skills: Stage combat; improvisation; dance; stage speech and mentor student actors. In the process cast and staff become a dynamic theatre family supporting the unfolding talents, instilling greater self esteem and expanded creative vision. 

DATES: June 17th-July 21st, 9:30-12:30 Monday-Thursday. 

AGES: 7-17

COSTS & SCHOLARSHIPS: $300, payment is sliding scale method, scholarships available, contact Karen Thibaudault

LOCATION: Wildflower Playhouse

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Audition based entry. Adults and younger youth can be casted as well. There's 250 spots open. 





SOMOS Young Writers Camp


OVERVIEW: A writing class from young creative writers.

DATES:  June 24-28 from 9:00am-12:00

AGES:  Grades 5th-8th

COSTS & SCHOLARSHIPS: $125 a week. No scholarships.

LOCATION: SOMOS 108 Civic Plaza Drive

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: There's room for 12 student









True Kids 1


OVERVIEW: TK1 summer camps include filmmaking, 3D printing, photography, animation, and coding with robots and drones.

DATES: There are five different one-week camps for 2024. Each runs Monday-Friday, 9am – 4pm, starting June 3, 2024.

AGES: 10-14

COSTS & SCHOLARSHIPS: Each class is $125, scholarships can be accessed and applied for via the Registration Form.

LOCATION: Camps begin and end at TK1 Headquarters – 125b La Posta Rd 

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: 50 spaces are available. Transportation is available. 




Inspire Children's Museum

ORGANIZATION CONTACT: call Amanda at 575-252-3275

OVERVIEW:  Imagine Children's Museum will host a summer camp for younger youth, it will have an outdoor focus supported by creative experiences at Imagine. 

DATES: June 10-July 25th, 8-4 Mon-Thursday

AGES: 5-10


LOCATION: Imagine Children's Museum 



Summer Reading at Twirl 


OVERVIEW: Join Twirl for an interactive storytime about differences, acceptance and finding our way in the world, with puppetry, music & movement and ending with a thematic STEAM project. All events are FREE and open to the public.

DATES: June 15th- July 31st around 10:30 

AGES: Any age (mainly younger kids) 


LOCATION: Different public libraries around Taos, check website for dates, locations and times. 

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Open to the public. 




Localogy Ranch and Wild camp



OVERVIEW:  Localogy provides tuition-free summer camps to underserved local youth. Ranch Camp is a month-long camp for 10- to 12-year-old children on a working farm/ranch and in the surrounding wilderness. 

Wild Camp is basically taking ranch camp to the next level, planned and implemented by the 13 to 15 year-old campers including service work performed by crews dispersed throughout the community, and a youth-led high adventure mountaineering. 


Ranch camp: June 16th- July 13th

Wild camp: July 14th- July 27th


Ranch camp: 10-12 years old

Wild camp: 13-15 years old


LOCATION: Sangre De Cristo Mountain camp, 14 miles from Taos

The camp is located in Lama, NM

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Campers bring their own camping supplies and clothing for a month. We do hard work, we have lots of fun and go on a three-night backpacking trip to the peak of Mt. Lobo. We supply hiking boots, backpacks, rain gear, etc. There's openings for 30 students for Ranch Camp and 15 openings for Wild camp students. There is also a work and party weekend for Volunteer parents, alumni and friends of the camp who come ready to help the camp, building, bonding and creating community see more info on website



K-12 UNM Outreach Program: Health Careers Academy 


OVERVIEW: Health Careers Academy is an intense and rewarding multi-week summer program for rising high school juniors and seniors. This program is designed to enhance math, science, language arts, and critical thinking skills while exposing students to health and science-related professions. HCA Activities May Include participation in college entrance exam prep, sessions on Cultural Humility, service-Learning opportunities and presentations on health professions.

DATES: Dates: June 10th-21st, from 9:30am -3:30pm

AGES: Rising 11th-12th graders

COSTS & SCHOLARSHIPS: Free! In fact the students get stipends of $500, for FULL participation.

LOCATION: UNM-Taos Klauer Campus


There's only space for 10 students. There is an overnight trip to Albuquerque UNM health and science center and a SAT Preparation Bootcamp on Saturday June 15th. Students need to secure daily transportation to program locations, or access to the internet for virtual programs. There is NOT PARTIAL stipend for partial participation.





Taos Vacation Bible School


OVERVIEW: 2 bible camps, broken up by age group, sessions involve fun activities like music, sports, picnics, crafts, bible lessons, and cooking!


Session 1: june 24th-28th 9am-12

Session 2: July 15th-19th, 10am-12:30 

AGES: 1st- 8th grade


LOCATION: Taos First Baptist Church

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Anybody from any background is welcome, they don't have to be affiliated with their church. Some days may start at the church and then go to places like the park, forest, picnic spots etc. 50 spots open. 


Camp Stoney at St James Episcopal Church


OVERVIEW: All of our formation will use age appropriate materials that help campers explore the missional aspect of our faith, and learn more about practicing the Way of Love. In addition to a spirit-filled formation program, we will have great fun with climbing, hiking, swimming, games, arts & crafts, music, and worship. There are 2 camp sessions; “How will they know we are Christians?” For youth ages 3rd-12th grades, there are 2 sessions based on separate age groups. “The Very Best Weekend Ever!” is for families of all kinds and backgrounds.


Age range:

Times + dates:


“How will they know we are Christians?”

Session 1

Rising 3rd – 8th grade

June 16- 22

-$600 per camper

-Early Bird Discount $575.00

-Sibling Discount of $550.00 each after first camper at full price

Session 2

Rising 7th -12th grade

June 23 – 29

“The Very Best Weekend Ever!”

(family camp)

Session 1

All ages, family oriented. 

June 14-16

$350 per family 

Session 2

June 30 – July 2nd



7855 Old Santa Fe Trail Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505

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Taos Alive Lifeskills

We offer presentations for schools k-12 utilizing Botvin lifeskill curriculum.  For more information contact: Monica Trujillo Thomas

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Taos Alive 1 on 1 Mentorship

Online or in person


Focuses on highlighting youths personal passions as a means of supporting a healthy life.

  • Offers encouragement during challenging times.

  • Provides personal development tips.

  • Shares knowledge and life experiences.

  • Discusses goal setting and aspirations.

  • Advises on professional development.

  • Identifies and provides resources.

  • Supports the mentee's journey toward progress.

  • Click HERE To learn more and refer a youth!

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