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Our Partners

It takes a community effort to create a lasting change


Primary Grantors


Mission: To reduce drug availability by supporting multi-agency task forces and facilitating intelligence-driven interdiction and investigation aimed at disrupting or dismantling international and domestic drug trafficking organizations and their harmful consequences. 


Mission: To ensure the health equity, we work with our partners to promote health and wellbeing and improve health outcomes for all people in New Mexico. 


Mission: To improve the health of communities by strengthening and advocating for local health departments. 


Taos Alive envisions Taos County residents living in a community that is safe, secure, and drug free. Through community collaboration, we have identified areas of need in Taos as they relate to alcohol and substance abuse, and have sought to implement preventative efforts to combat the negative effects of substance abuse in our community.

Thank you to our partner organizations. It takes a whole community to create lasting change. Your community values and positions of leadership are essential for the continued success of this effort. Let's help each other build a healthier Taos County! If you would like to partner with Taos Alive please contact us through phone or e-mail. 

Community Partner Organizations

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